What Should I Start With To Buy LED High Bay Lights?
Oct 19, 2018

Nowadays, there are a lot of LED lamps on the market. Our consumers often don't know how to choose when purchasing. Therefore, we should have some general understanding of the products before purchasing LED lighting fixtures. LED industrial and mining lamps are no exception. Mining lights need to start from several aspects.

1. High-quality lamp body: LED industrial and mining lamp body adopts light alloy material, special sealing and surface coating treatment to ensure that the lamp will never corrode in the harsh environment such as humidity and high temperature, and will never rust the precision aerospace aluminum material. The body of the lamp is anodized and hardened, and the texture is thick, compressive and wear-resistant, and never fades.

2, chip: It is best to use imported chips, optimized LED package structure, to achieve low light decay, high light efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

3, drive power: silicone infusion, heat dissipation is stronger, waterproof grade IP65, high precision current is constant, to ensure longer life of the product.

4, aluminum mask: highlighting lighting using high-quality aluminum diffuser, light effect divergence, a wider range of illumination, concentrating astigmatism, a variety of choices, suitable for daily environmental lighting.

5, power wiring: bold industrial grade copper wire, international standard three core wire, the conductivity is stronger, it is more safe and durable.

6, efficient heat dissipation: LED high bay light with crystal lens for light distribution, to meet the lighting needs of different occasions; the use of transparent structure design, optimized heat dissipation structure, can ensure the life of the lamp.

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