Modern Design ---LED Guardrail Light
Dec 17, 2018

What is LED Guardrail Light?

Guardrail light ,used on crash barrier , is a kind of road lamp.It can be used directly to illuminate road surface instead of street lamp pole.Guardrail Lighting not only can be used as a simple landscape lamp belt but also achieved the combination of road lighting and landscape.

The material of the lamp?

The lamp outside surface is treated with powder coated of outdoor special powder which is weather resistant and wear resistant.The housing adopts high quality Q235 steel precisely cut by high speed laser cutting machine.Anti-corrosion treatment of hot-dip galvanzing got inside and outside surfaces.



Advantage of the Light

Firstly ,compared with the high pole lamp,guardrail light is more suitable for the drivers because the brightness from the light impacts the drivers’ vision directly.Secondly,installing on crash barrier,no lamp pole,is more beautiful and concise both day and night.Thirdly,it can save more energy and make full use of the light.

Successful project in Guangzhou City

We have made some projects in Guangzhou and enjoy good reputation and hot market in this field.

What's more,our costomers also provide their valueable suggestions and advices for us.We will try our best to improve our product in the near future and believe that we can achieve greater successful. 

LED Fence Light 3

LED Fence Light HJV-L-17111-3

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