LED Driver
Dec 21, 2018

LED driver is a power supply converter that can transforms power supply to specific voltage and current to light up LEDs.In general,there are many input types of LED driver,such as DC and AC.

According to the power rules and the features of LED driver,the following points should be thought of when choosing and designing LED driver supply:

1. Reliability.LED driver of LED street light should be adopted waterproof structure because the light installed in high altitude.

2. Efficiency.LED is a kind of energy saving production,so the requirement of efficiency is higher than the traditional light.

3. Power factor.Power factor is the load requirement of power grid.Everyone should brighten up the lamp at the same in the evening that the same kind of load is too concentrated,which can cause serious pollution to the power grid.

4. Protection.LED driver provides regular protection for the light,avoiding excessive temperature of LEDs.

5. Adaptation.The life of the driving power supply should be fit in that of the LEDs.


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