How To Improve The Trial Life Of High Pole Lights
Oct 19, 2018

High pole lights belong to a large-scale high-end lighting product. Because of the high price, customers are very concerned about the longevity of their application. After all, it is a tens of thousands of yuan of equipment. If it is broken in three or five years, it is not worthwhile. So how long is the life of a high pole lamp?

High pole lamp main pole: The main pole of the high pole lamp with a height of more than 20 meters is usually made of steel plate with a wall thickness of 5.6mm. After the lamp post is wound, the joint is stopped by the large buried fox machine. The solid level is not inferior to the firmness of the whole plate. After the overall welding of the high pole lamp is achieved, the inner and outer surface layers need to be stopped from hot-dip galvanizing. The qualified galvanizing process can ensure that the main rod will not rust within 15 years. Of course, the unqualified galvanizing process This effect will not be achieved, but after all, the wall thickness of the steel is more than 5mm. Even if it is rusted, it will not rust if it is not ten or twenty years old, so the main pole of the high pole lamp will basically be broken. Unless it is intended to be replaced, it will be replaced.

The landing system: the landing system is regarded as a core department of the high pole lamp. The landing action of the lamp panel is completely dependent on the landing system. The landing system of the high pole lamp is mainly the hoist and the wire rope. It can be said that if the wire rope is not bad, the hoisting machine is dozens of Years can't be broken. Why do you say this? First, the hoisting machine is installed in the main pole. The wind can't be drenched and the aging of the line will not occur. Secondly, the hoist is rarely started. If it is not bad, then it will not be used for ten years. Therefore, it is difficult to make the landing system bad.

Light panel: The effect of the high pole light panel is used for loading the light source. The variety of the exterior is very diverse, but it is not changed from the other, and many more are also achieved by bending and welding. The firm level is indestructible. The assembly of ten twenty-four 400-watt low-pressure sodium lamps is at best a big horse-drawn car - practice makes perfect, and it is difficult to make it bad.

Lamp holder: Let's talk about the lamp head now, whether it is LED lamp head or low pressure sodium lamp, they are all products of electronic paradigm. The electronic product is only known to any layman, but I don’t know why it is good or bad. It is basically impossible to see from the surface. The light source is the main symbol of the whole set of high pole lights. Because the high pole light is the street light, the effect of the street light is illuminated. If the light source is broken, the high pole light is broken. Therefore, the choice of the light source quality is particularly important. Be sure to choose a genuine brand when you are equipped with a light source

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