How Much Is The Spacing Of The Garden Lights?
Oct 19, 2018

The courtyard lights are mainly used for lighting roads in the districts, squares and parks, etc. The garden lamp manufacturers explain the principle of garden lights and layout.

Garden lights can be divided into 2 types:

1. Diffuse reflection, no mask, this kind of light is scattered around, so most of them use 150W high pressure sodium lamp (metal halide lamp is too glaring) height can be between 3.5~4.5, generally light pole is 3.5 and 4.5 meters Two sizes, the spacing of the garden lights is preferably 18~20 meters, too close.

2. Indirect, there is a mask, this kind of light is not scattered everywhere, so the sodium lamp and metal halide lamp can be used at a distance of 150W at about 16 meters. OK, the garden light can be a 45W spiral tube energy-saving lamp, Guangtong Up to 2300 lm or more, the color temperature is generally 2700K, the lamp height is 3.5m, the color rendering index can basically reach Ra=80, the main garden road arrangement spacing is 18m, and the secondary garden road layout is 20m.


In addition, a layout is arranged at the intersection of each unit entrance and the main fire lane in the residential area for separate lighting control. On the road, the two-way control is adopted by the interval jumper mode, and the light is turned off halfway in the middle of the night to save energy. According to the engineering practice, the dark band between the two lamps of the garden lamp is just eliminated, that is to say, the arrangement spacing is basically suitable. If the height of the pole is changed, the spacing of the garden lights is slightly adjusted.


Therefore, the factors that affect the installation spacing of garden lights are:

1. The width of the installation road;

2. Road lighting requirements;

3, the height of the garden light and the power of the garden light source

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