Choose The Right Wall Wash Light
Oct 19, 2018

Features: All imported 1W, 3W high-power LED, long life, low power consumption, pure color, pollution-free and other significant advantages. The shell adopts 6063 aluminum alloy lamp body and integral moulding process, which ensures good heat dissipation effect and effectively reduces the light fading during the use of LED. The optical grade PMMA high efficiency lens is used. The light loss is small and the illumination is good. The unique switch constant current source technology ensures stable operation of each LED. The standard DMX512 control interface is adopted and the standard DMX512 console is fully compatible.

The quality of the wall-washing lamp is very good when it is used. First, it is very exquisite when it is made. Second, because the wall-washing lamp is very advanced when it is made, the quality guarantee we can get when we use the wall-washing lamp will be very high.

The durability of the wall-washing lamp is very strong, as long as it is not artificially damaged, then in general there will be no trouble, so the durability of the wall-washing lamp is also very strong, the use of three or five years is not a problem.

For wall washing lights, there are two ways of control: two kinds of internal control and external control. Internal control means that no external controller is used. The designer designs the control system inside the wall lamp. The degree and effect can not be changed. External control is the external controller, and its effect can be changed by adjusting the key of the main control. Usually in large-scale projects, customers require to be able to change the effect of their own, we are using external control of this scheme. There are also many walls that directly support DMX512's control system.

Choose the right wall-washing lamp according to the projection area and distance: the projection distance is related to the lens and power, the greater the power, the brighter the projection, the narrower the angle of the lens, the farther the projection distance. Remember this point when choosing the wall-washing lamp, let the manufacturer provide you with a better lighting design. The reference of this plan is more professional.

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