Advantage Of LED Lamps
Dec 18, 2018


With the develop of society and electronic industry,LED lamps are becoming more and more popular.Why people choose them increasingly?

Various benefits be showed as below:

1. Low power consumption.10W LED light illuminates the equivalent of 100W tungsten lamp.Under the same brightness condition,low wattage costs low electric charge.

2. High CRI.In the dim light,the more CRI of LED lamp,the more real color of the object.

3. Low ultraviolet rays.LED lamp can reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays.

4. Long lifespan.Generally speaking,the life of LED lamps is about 30,000~50,000 hours,but tungsten lamp or fluorescent lamp only 5000 hours.

5. Environmental friendly.Usually,LED lamp is made of aluminum and PC,which can be recycled.


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