What is the difference between traditional street lamps and LED street lamps?
Oct 19, 2018

The actual power consumption of traditional street lamps is very high. Low heat dissipation. Large LEDs are cold light source. Power factor is high. Brightness is high but light attenuation is particularly large. It is not suitable for cold regions. Xed lamps are used. Power factor is higher than LED. High brightness is 1.5 times the power factor of led>0.95 light. The decay is almost not the most energy-efficient light source at the moment. The street lamp is very good, but the lighting decoration is not good. The LED is composed of the lamp bead.

The advantages of led street lights are as follows:

1: LED energy saving lamp energy saving

The actual test of LED energy-saving lamp consumes 90% less than ordinary light bulb, saves 60%-70% than ordinary energy-saving lamp, the same brightness, do the same thing, but the energy-saving effect is very obvious. The ordinary 60W incandescent lamp consumes 17 hours. 1 degree electricity, ordinary 10W energy-saving lamps consume 1 degree of electricity for one hundred hours.

2: LED energy-saving lamps protect vision

The LED energy-saving lamp adopts DC drive, no stroboscopic light, soft light effect, and is beneficial to eye protection, while the ordinary lamp AC power supply has stroboscopic glare.

3: LED energy-saving lamps are efficient

The LED energy-saving lamp adopts high-brightness white LED, the electro-optical conversion efficiency is about 90%, the heat generation is small, and it belongs to the cold light source. The ordinary lamp has about 80% of electric energy converted into heat energy, and only about 20% is converted into light energy, and the heat is large. Therefore, the use of LED energy-saving lamps should be energy efficient.

4: LED energy-saving lamps have a long life

LED energy-saving lamps are low-power semiconductor products. They use semiconductor chips to emit light, no filaments, no glass bubbles, no fear of vibration, and are not easily broken. The service life can reach 50,000 hours. The life of ordinary incandescent lamps is only one thousand hours. Life is only eight thousand hours.

5: LED energy-saving lamp environmental protection

LED energy-saving lamps use aluminum alloy and PC plastic components, do not contain harmful elements such as lead and mercury, and can recover more than 98.5% of the utilization rate. It will not cause harm to the environment. Ordinary lamps contain harmful elements of lead and mercury, and can not be recycled, and also To solve the problem of garbage. Plus LED energy-saving lamps DC power supply without electromagnetic interference, and the ordinary fixture electronic rectifier electromagnetic interference is very large.

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