What is LED Linear Light?
Dec 21, 2018


LED Linear light,a flexible light to decorative, is long lifespan,low heat and easy to maintain,especially in entertainment places for outdoor or indoor.It is suitable for draw the outline of buildings and advertising board and so on.


The housing of the lamp is made of aluminum profile,simple structure,nice appearance,durable and corrosion resistance.Surface is treated by special powder,which is strong resistant and thermostability,high performance;High strength toughened glass in 3mm thick, high transmittance, impact resistance.High temperature resistant silicone rubber seal ring,IP65 waterproof structure design,good for various weather and guarantee reliability of waterproof.Multiple lamps or single light mounting is available in installation.What’s more,there are many methods to install the linear lamp,including ceiling mounting,wall mounting or handing mounting.Thus, LED linear light is one of the best choice for outlined the shape of objects.


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