What is LED High Bay Light?
Dec 15, 2018

LED High Bay Light, a fixture used to illuminate spaces with high ceiling,is the best choice for indoor lighting as well because of its endurance,coloring,longevity and also its low impact on the environment.

High bay lighting fixtures should be used in areas where the bottom of the light fixture is more than 20 feet above the floor. Typical high bay fixtures have a 15 - 18" open reflector allowing for a more concentrated beam spread with a prominent downward component. High wattage sources in fluorescent are usually required in order to properly illuminate the space.


In order to work reliably in dust and humid environment,there are many special requirements of high bay lighting in structural design,housing as well as reflector.Because of their demand, LED canopy light adopts convection design and portable junction box,which is good for heat radiation,ensuring the long life.

There are many kinds of fixing ways for LED High bay lighting fixture. The general methods have the form of suction top, embedding, hoisting (using straight pipe or chain) and suction wall.Therefore,high bay lamp can be suitable for various places,including shipyard,gas station,logistics centers,warehouse,farmers markets,and so on.

This is LED High Bay Lighting Fixture,a powerful light source that can brighten up a large area.


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