The requirement of LED High bay lighting
Dec 18, 2018

LED high bay light, also called as mining lamp,is the general term of lights used in production area.

In order to meet the visual needs of different production operations and the installation conditions of lamps, the reflector of high bay lighting should be able to produce a wide and narrow light distribution.The die-casting aluminum reflectors can receive wide light distribution,which is suitable for large area,vertical or vertical workplaces.For the large workshops,we can use prism glass or mirror glass to produce the reflector that obtain the narrow beam distribution.


Working in the dust and moist situation,high bay fixture needs special require on structure design,housing and reflectors etc...It is very important for sealing property of high bay canopy lighting using in dusty environment.Pay  more attention to the airtightness of the shell and the surface treatment of the reflector in humid environment.

There are many methods to fix high bay light,including hook ring,surface mounted and suction wall,etc.Therefore, the light can  be applied to various places such as supermarket,warehouse,factory,gas station and more like these.


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