The material of our products is Die-casting aluminum
Dec 19, 2018

What is die-casting?

Die casting is a kind of metal casting technique.The distinguishing feature of die-casting is that utilizing high-pressure to molten metal by inner cavity of model.

According to difference of die-casting types,producing die-casting needs cold chamber die casting machine or hot chamber die casting machine.Die casting is suitable for manufacturing a large number of middle and small size castings.Therefore, it is one of the most widely used foundry technologies.Compared with other technologies,the surface of die castings is smoother and neater. 


Why we choose die-casting aluminum?

There are many benefits of metal casting technique,including excellent castings’ dimension,fast production speed and reducing secondary operation.

1. Excellent castings’ dimension.The size of the castings is high precision so that easy installation.Superior surface finish is good for spray coating,making the housing more smooth.

2. Fast production speed.High machine efficiency and the castings is long life.

3. Reducing secondary operation.Because of high precision and neat surface of castings,they can use directly in the mounting,avoiding the extra operation again.Thus,using die-casting aluminum is not only decreasing labor cost bust also saving the metal.

4. Good heat radiation.LED light is a powerful light source with high calorific value, which requires high thermal conductivity.The thermal conductivity of aluminium is much higher than that of steel.Therefore, die-casting aluminum is one of the best material of the LED lighting.



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