Technical points for installation of high pole lights
Oct 19, 2018

In addition to meeting the needs of people's leisure and entertainment, the installation of high pole lights will also be an important landscape and a must for civilized society. The installation of high pole lights as a cultural place has become a symbol of the level of civilization of a unit, a city and even a country. External night lighting is the use of lighting to shape the night image of the building, thus showing the unique artistic style of the building under the night. It shows the unique cultural connotation and artistic characteristics of the building.

Choose a reasonable facade lighting method to control the lighting area and reduce power consumption. Handle various indicators such as illuminance, light color, color rendering, three-dimensionality, texture, flash, glare limitation. Pay attention to spatial clarity, eliminate unnecessary shadows, and control the adverse effects of light and ultraviolet radiation on people and things. Create appropriate brightness distributions and illuminance levels, limit glare, and reduce irritability. Natural light should be used effectively. Requirements for the pole: The top of the lift-type high pole lamp is equipped with a lightning rod, a rain cover, a 60-degree distributed pulley block and a 120-degree distributed hook system.

The rain cover prevents rainwater from entering the inside of the pole and prevents parts such as lifting pulleys from being exposed to rain and rust. The pulley block is used to avoid wire rope and cable grooving. The design of the hooking system is very reasonable. When the lamp panel is lowered, the lifting system can be operated to automatically flip the hook to ensure safe and reliable unloading of the wire rope after the lifting operation is completed, and the service life of the wire rope is prolonged.


In the rectangular inner cavity at the bottom of the lift type high pole light, a lifting system such as a motor is installed in addition to the electrical control system. The electrical control system is installed inside the pole to avoid the malfunction of the lifting movement caused by the harsh outdoor environment. Various circuit overload protection devices are provided in the electrical control system. The conductors of the circuits in the system are widely copper-plated to ensure good electrical contact.

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