LED Flood Lighting Fixture
Dec 17, 2018

Flood Light ,a light source can illuminate evenly from all sides,is one of the most widely used in making the design drawing.The standard LED floodlighting can brighten up a large whole scene.Lots of LED Flood lamp can be applied to the entire sight ,offering better lighting effect.

The surface is treated by black anodized,which is high temperature resistance and acid-base resistance.Compared with the common metal halide lamp,flood lighting can save 50% electricity,reducing the cost.



Nowadays,why more and more people want to choose the LED floodlighting?Multiple benefits are showing as follow:

1. Long lifespan:utilizing the latest LED technology and high efficiency LEDs ensures the flood lighting can regular service in long-term.

2. Energy conservation:under the condition of the same brightness, compared with incandescent light the flood light can save more than 70% energy.

3. No stroboscopic effect: eliminating eyes exhaustion caused by the conventional fluorescent light, effectively protecting user's eyesight.

4. Flexibility:It can be installed in any direction arbitrarily.

5. Excellent electrical performance:high power factor,low current harmonics,electric energy conversion rate in more than 90%.


Because of high quality and excellent lighting effect,LED Flood lighting can be extensive used in various places,including park,hotel exterior,public building,garden,bridge,square,railway,advertising board and so on.


Tired of dim yellow light from the metal halide lamp fixtures in your life,it is time to replace them with LED Flood Lighting.


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