Garden lights landscaping and decorative features
Oct 19, 2018

Garden lights are lighting fixtures for outdoor landscape installations, so they are also known as landscape garden lights. With its unique design, soft light, the garden lights add to the landscaping and decoration of the urban green landscape and are easy to install. The roads can be used for road lighting in public places such as parks, gardens, villas, pedestrian streets, etc., to improve the safety of people's nighttime travel and to increase the time for people to enjoy outdoor activities.

At present, most solar garden lights use LEDs as light sources with long life and low voltage functions. In particular, LED technology has achieved a decisive breakthrough, and its characteristics have been greatly improved over the past five years. The performance price ratio is also greatly increased at the same time.

Most of the garden lights accept super bright white LEDs. In many environments, LEDs are also not the best source of light.

According to the analysis of relevant data of many manufacturers, we believe that low-power garden lights below 1W use LED as the light source. High-power solar garden lights should be wisely chosen for RGB energy-efficient lamps.

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