LED Flood Light

  • Modern Design LED Flood Light

    Product Name:Modern Design LED Flood Light Specifications of LED Flood Light Description A. LED Flood Lighting means less power is consumed to achieve the same light output produced by the common metal halide lamp ,which can helps you save money on energy cost. B. Nice...
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  • 550W LED Flood Light-Star Of Architecture

    HJV-F-715 Description v LED Flood Lighting consume at least 50% less energy than traditional HID lighting sources to drastically reduce electricity costs while greatly reducing carbon emissions. v Grey color lamp housing,simple structure and nice lamp appearance . v Anodized...
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  • Special Design LED Flood Light with Two Sides Lighting

    Aluminum Outdoor LED Wall Lighting
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  • IP65 Waterproof LED Flood Light

    30W Outdoor LED Flood Lights
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  • 800W Black Color High Power LED Flood Light

    Model:HJV-F-709 Ideal for used in external areas,this high wattage LED Flood light is suitable for outdoor lighting.It is low heat, energy saving,long lifespan and bright beams of light without excessive consumption or heat production. The Black LED Outdoor Flood Lighting is...
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  • High Lumen LED Flood Light For Park

    LED Flood Light/Outdoor LED Stadium Lamp 50W High quality LED Area Light 1. Pate nt durable housing design,good for strong corrosion,available in various places. 2. Smo oth,uniform light pattern. 3. Ep istar LED chips,high lumen. 4. High tech thermal system, provide the best...
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  • Energy Saving LED Flood Light

    Model:HJV-F-711 Description: *LED floodlight is a point light source which can illuminate evenly in all directions. *Its illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it can be shown as a regular octahedron in the scene. *Bring the best and brightest lighting to your...
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  • Epistar Chips LED Floodlighting

    Feature ※Energy saving.Under the condition of the same brightness, compared with the common metal halide lamp can save 50% electricity. ※Long lifespan.More than 30,000 hours life span. ※Low heat.The conversion rate of electric energy is more than 90%. ※Environmental...
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  • Outdoor LED Flood Lighting For Advertising Board

    Product dimension Bracket size Photometric
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  • Exterior IP65 Waterproof LED Flood Light

    Model:HJV-F-747AC Introduction: *Saving energy---You can save up 50% electricity compared to the common metal halide lamp. *Ultra bright--- 105° wide beam angle, illuminating larger areas with brighter light, no shadow or glare. *Durable housing---Die-casting aluminum housing...
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  • Waterproof LED Flood Light

    Description: LED Floodlighting,offers up to 90lm/W,with many unique optical distributions providing a versatile floodlight ideal for area, architectural, landscape, and sign lighting applications.The flood light is designed with advanced LED technology and...
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  • Warm White LED Floodlighting

    Product description ① Under the condition of the same brightness,compared with the common metal halide lamp can save 50% electricity. ② Design life of 30,000 hours or more,is the ordinary metal halide lamp more than 3 times. ③ Low heat,electric energy conversion rate in more...
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